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Vendor Onboarding

Enrolling and registering customers to a platform for a global bank

*Some of this project is redacted to protect the client and confidential information

The Problem

This needed to be an online portal, were vendors such as nice try pal can sign up and enroll to this platform to manage and get new business with secret bank. All of their operations were handled offline in paper based format and was very hard to manage and keep track. Both for the vendor and the bank.


We started by researching the users and their main pain points to all this manual process. The main user needs that came out of this exercise with nopee bank were; document storage, project tracking, online support and being able to contact their clients through the platform.

It became clear early on that the vendors needed an online portal, as most of their business was handled from a laptop or computer.


We created the portal using loose brand guidelines in terms of colours and typography. The client didn’t have a design system in place that covered this portal so we took aspects from their mobile banking style and applied it to the portal.

The portal was broken up into three main parts which would be released over a number of sprints throughout the project timeline. Onboarding & Registration, Profile Maintenance, Portfolio and Project Tracking were all in the pipeline.

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