Making corporate insurance available on a personal level

The Problem

Corporate insurance is often complicated, impersonal and confusing to say the least. This can leave employees feeling frustrated and anxious when they really need to be informed about their insurance.


I took the time to understand the insurance market, how products are bundles with companies, what the employer and employee need from an insurance platform.

One point that came up from employees is that they want to be able to make claims fast and easily for themselves and their dependents.

There was also the need for all of the medical facilities and options to be accessed by the user without the need to look at an excel sheet sent from their company.


When designing this, the main goal was to make it easy and quick for the user to perform important tasks to them. By allowing the user to enroll themselves rather than the company to it for them, you’re allowing for much more detailed information to be gathered about the user.

OCR scanning makes for an easy claims process by pre-filling fields picked up by scanning documents and invoices.

We’ve also added a chatbot feature that helps with issues with your application and other general queries that the user may have.